Lila Turner – Founder and CEO of Relationship Ready. Partner and Director of One Thought.

Lila left a 20-year career as a womenswear designer to join the One Thought team where she designs, develops and provides programs for organisations and individuals in order to address the ‘leaky bucket’ issues people face in their lives and their businesses. Her clients vary widely from leaders, engineers, film makers, teachers, teenagers, and entrepreneurs.

Lila has worked with youth in and outside school, to understand and reduce stress, anxiety and increase mental wellbeing and achievement.

Lila is the founder and CEO of Relationship Ready. She feels that what she has learned in recent years has greatly impacted the quality of her relationship and enabled her to have a rich, loving and softer experience of her partner and herself within her marriage. She feels everyone deserves to be in a loving relationship.

She is currently on the faculty of the One Thought Foundations Program developing new practitioners and is a regular conference speaker and presenter both in the UK and abroad.

Note from Lila Turner MA, Founder & CEO

I had been watching the results of this work for many years before I became involved. In the early years (17 or so years ago) I watched Aaron Turner, George and Linda Pransky work with couples who were at the point of divorce. Consistently I saw those couples move from a resentful (often hateful) and cynical place to fresh innocence and and renewed affection, in four days. I didn’t know what George, Linda and Aaron were doing but it did occur to me: “why didn’t they get help like this earlier? It would have saved a lot of pain and time spinning their wheels trying to solve their problems.”

Over the years the very fact that I was able to get lost within my own marriage and come back fresh was due to this understanding. I’m confident that if Aaron hadn’t seen what he saw in himself (anxiety) early on when we were dating, we would not be a couple today. I was just too unsteady and reactive to stay in a relationship more then a year.

As I became involved in this work and changed careers, the fire in my belly to help people see something earlier in regards to relationships grew brighter. This program was designed to show individuals what those couples learned, and what I learned so that they are able to approach relationships with openness, fluidity, be able to feel emotional nourishment and understanding to be the most natural version of themselves. 

Warmest regards

Lila Turner

Founder and CEO of RR

Human Connection Made Simple

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